April 19, 2014

Stress Awareness Programme

This workshop gives individuals the opportunity to explore the power of the mind and how it can either work for us or against us, depending on the choices we make moment by moment.

Various techniques are used in this workshop that allow us to explore the many ways we create our reality, illustrating that the thoughts we think, e.g. fear, guilt, anger, as well as love, appreciation for self and others etc., affect our heart rhythms, which ultimately affect our immune systems and can lead to the manifestation of symptoms of stress, both physical and emotional.

The benefits of this workshop will give the individual simple tools to use in difficult situations that lead to stress, such as breathing techniques and relaxation, to use on a daily basis to ‘change their minds’ to everyday stressors.

As we begin to understand that we have power over our fears and anxieties, and therefore can choose empowering thoughts rather than weakening ones, our creativity, confidence, energy and self-respect will increase and this in turn allows us to open to our potential and increase a stronger sense of wellbeing.

The positive outcomes of managing stress can result in a more dedicated and enthusiastic team of happy people who are self-motivated and content.

Aims and Outcomes of Stress Awareness Workshop


  • Help you improve how you feel in difficult situations by learning simple techniques
  • Enables self awareness using relaxation techniques such as breathing and visualization.
  • Give experience of relaxation aiding a feeling of calm as well as being energized


  • Ability to use straightforward relaxation techniques in everyday challenging situations.
  • Enabling clear focus, positive attitude and self-value.
  • Better understanding of the connection between greater self-awareness and improved health.